Ann Galé stands for the modern sensual luxury. Our inspiration is in feminine essence in its depth and beauty.

Our mission is to help every woman to bring out her true feminine strength that translates in authentic sexuality and confidence. There is a transformative power to Ann Galé designs, which becomes undoubtedly tangible to the one wearing it. Ann Galé born in Berlin, the city of freedom, art, acceptance, and frivolity. The brand naturally adapts its true spirit reflecting it in the designs.

Authenticity in everything we do lays in the core of Ann Galé’s values. We only select the highest quality sustainably produced leather materials. Our designs are created and developed with true heart of devotion. All pieces are made by hand of the highly skilled Berlin leather craftsmen. Ann Galé was founded in 2021 by Anastasiya Galyeyeva, a true feminist, fashion devotee, and a world traveller with a passion for life and human nature. Being fascinated by the fetish aesthetic, Anastasiya discovered it to be a potent tool in revealing one`s power within. With her admiration to a womankind, the founder whole-heartedly desires to share her secrets with the other women, helping to unveil their inner beauty and power.